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About Craig Werth

About Craig Werth

C raig Werth didnʼt care much for his middle name “Edgar” until a friend typed all three parts into an internet anagram generator and got back “regard with grace.” And thatʼs what Craig strives to do in his life and in his art. His songs and performances are fueled and flavored by a great sense of wonder, appreciation, and affection for the world and those who live in it.

Craigʼs song, “The Spokes Man,” pays tribute to a real-life 78-year old retired custodian who rebuilds bicycles and gives them away to bike-less kids in Durham, North Carolina. “If Angels Had No Wings” holds up Janine as a representative of those who are tucked into the margins of our communities and classrooms. “Good Old Dog” is a fictional story infused with genuine love for a cherished canine. “Ode to the Zucchini” is perhaps the worldʼs only zucchini love song. “Kateʼs Not So Easily Moved” gives voice to a meek man ceaselessly striving for notice from a feisty Katharine-Hepburn-type. “Baby, You Were Right, and I Was…” is a true confession in which Werth demonstrates his ability to look, with humor and abiding, at the less flattering aspects of being human. “My Way or the Highway” is an urgent call for civility in political discourse.

  • Solo singer-instrumentalist performing original songs and instrumental works with guitars, bouzouki, banjo, ukulele, and dulcimer.
  • Selected as 2011 NERFA quadcentric showcase artist and “Folk DJ Favorite Pick of the Year”
  • Accompanist/arranger for three-time Canadian Juno award winner David Francey since 2006.
  • 2008 Juno Award recipient as co-producer, every-track co-arranger/performer for Franceyʼs Best Album of the Year, “Right of Passage.”
  • Three solo albums including “The Spokes Man” (2010) which has received frequent airplay and at least several “top new album of the year” nods from folk DJs throughout North America.
  • Performance/Touring experience throughout much of North America, the UK, and Australia.
  • Extensive experience in social service; musical instrument making; acting; and in teaching and facilitating, including songwriting and creative expression workshops and seminars.

“Craig Werth is an exceptional writer, a natural-born storyteller, a brilliant singer, and an outstanding instrumentalist – both funny and poignant — not to be missed.” – David Francey

“As an inspired musician and a perceptive and emotive writer, it is when he applies his musical prowess to his own songs that the depth of his artistry is revealed.” – Jim Payne, Newfoundland Artist/Producer

“This CD puts Craig Werth in the upper echelon of modern day folk.” – Craig Huegel, WSLR Radio

“His songs, gems of communication, are made with a voice of pure beauty and instrumental work so precise that it’s a wonder he finds the room to get so much honest soul into them.” – David Matheson, Toronto-based producer/founding member of Moxie Früvous

“Craig Werth hit a home run with this one! Every track is worthy of airplay — a great mix of melody, lyrics and a wonderful supporting cast.” – Steve Clarke, Acoustic Planet, Erin Radio


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