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Such Stuff as Dreams

The Glory of the Renaissance comes alive in the sparkling performances of Renaissonics. Internationally acclaimed for their artistry, virtuosity and improvisations, Renaissonics performs Chamber Music, Dance Music and Improvisations in programs that delight all audiences!

Their newest program “SUCH STUFF AS DREAMS” is an enchanting voyage though the Renaissance imagination where the fantasies and genius of the age of Leonardo, Galileo and Shakespeare come alive through their music!

Renaissonics performs on handcrafted Renaissance lute, violin and ‘cello, eight sizes of recorders (up to 6 feet tall!), crumhorns, pipe and tabor and a gorgeous hand painted Italian harpsichord.

Renaissance music’s expressive freedom derives partly from the music’s being written completely without barlines. This allows each player to ‘speak’ their instrument like a storyteller. A true musical democracy where each voice is equal and free to tell their own individual story all the while intertwining with the other voices in a lush tapestry of sounds that are at once endlessly complex and stunningly beautiful.!

They are also offering workshops in the afternoon for anyone interested in exploring Renaissance music…keyboard/harpsichordists, wind players, strings, brass, percussion……call Nancy for info and to register for the workshops…603-679-1915

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